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Criminal Case Hack

Criminal Case - Cheats Facebook/iOS/Android

Criminal Case Cheats

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Criminal Case

Criminal Case is a hidden object game with an interesting detective theme, released on November 15, 2012 for Facebook. This game is also available for iOS (released on 28 August, 2014) and Android (April 15, 2015) users. This game developed by French studio Pretty Simple has gained large popularity since its release and became the main competitor for Candy Crush Saga – the most popular game available for Facebook users. On December 9, 2013 criminal case surpassed the aforementioned Candy Crush Saga and became the Facebook Game of The Year 2013.

The main task of the player is solving murders by locating important clues at the crime scenes. User of this game plays the role of a detective and has to click items in the scene to solve the problem. Fast item finding will give the player additional bonus points. Obtained score fills the bar on each scene and the player will be awarded stars for this. These stars can be used in other cases for examining evidence or interrogating suspects. All players of this game have to perform some analyses and autopsies that take some real time hours to complete. Players are also able to find killer profiles and very important hints how to capture the suspect. The last stage of each case is associated with making a decision who the killer is. Detective has to choose a killer from the suspects using killer profiles awarded during the game. Player is also able to get access to additional stages by successfully identifying the suspect. After clearing these additional stages the player is allowed to proceed to the next case.

This game also includes some difficult tasks and offers some click and drag activities to make it more entertaining. Obtaining large amounts of stars unlocks additional scenes – these are special bonus rounds with different rules like time attack, find the difference, etc. All these additional features make this game more interesting and attractive for players.

Currently this game offers over 140 cases to solve (total amount of all cases is 231) with 45 stars to earn in the course of each case (first case with 15 stars and the second one with 30 stars). Gaining all available stars in each scene will give the player gold medals. These medals give some advantages to the player, because they unlock pet shops, allow for buying police dogs and provide additional energy, experience points and lucky cards. All remaining stars can be used for purchasing energy, coins and packs of stickers. What is more, lucky cards can be traded for experience points, hints and they can be obtained from friends.

Criminal Case also includes some additional progression features like energy meter. It is impossible to investigate crime scenes without energy. Player is able to refill energy thanks to special items like orange juice, potato chips or burgers. What is more, the energy bar can exceed its standard limit, so the player is able to add as many energy points as he/she wishes with running out too soon.

The game offers a good fun and a very interesting plot, so it is not strange that it is very popular among many players around the world.

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